Hmong Hill Tribe Batik Making

Batik Fairy Tale

The designs are created by applying a resist of hot wax to the cotton cloth… (hereabove, "clean" cheap yellow candle wax from the temple)
First, the batik artisan draws lines with a ball-pen on the white cotton cloth to set up the composition and the measurements required for the batik work ordered by a customer. Batik Fairy Tale (here above, "dirty" wax recuperated from the rinse water of previous batik). The wax is melted and kept hot in a metal basin over the fire.
Batik Fairy Tale The patterns are applied with dexterity using a stamp dipped into the hot wax - at the right temperature with the right movement. (modern method).
Batik Fairy Tale The patterns are drawn using a triangle copper pen held in a distinctive manner, allowing precise control of the flow of wax. (traditional method).
Nowadays, the Batik Artisan can also use a brush or other tools - and these different techniques require concentration to be effective.
Batik Fairy Tale
Batik Fairy Tale
The stamps are hand made by qualified Hmong men artisans, as silversmiths, who are able to ply and shape and solder the copper wire used to create the traditional (meaningful) patterns or some modern graphic concept.