About The Butterfly People

Over the centuries, some HMONG PEOPLE migrated from China to the Hills of Northern Thailand.  They may have entered China through Tibet, Siberia and Mongolia to settle some 3.000 years ago.  The Hmong Hill Tribe People are also called “the Miao People” and have two sub-groups: the Blue Hmong and the White Hmong.
THE BLUE HMONG master the art of batik making and indigo dyeing.  Their patterns and signs are rich with meaning and adorn clothes, soft furnishing and baby carriers.
The WHITE HMONG master the art of embroidery: appliqué work, cross stitching and other types of needlework.  Their graphics and colour schemes are enchanting.
Mythology tells us that the ancestors of the Miao/Hmong were born from the BUTTERFLY which created everything on earth.  The Butterfly is also an image of maternal reproduction. 
HILL TRIBE INDIGO BATIK - “THE BUTTERFLY PEOPLE”  wishes to honour these skills which are disappearing with the predominance of materialism.  We believe the hands of an artisan offer us the best side of our humanity.
We have created a range of accessories for the Home and for Women Ware and have guided the Hmong ladies towards new concepts for today’s functionality.  The artisans print now the wax pattern on different fabrics and we use quality synthetic (cold) dye for the indigo colour.  We have initiated a palette of colours which are hand painted over the wax patterns in an urban workshop.  The embroiderers are guided to simplify their designs, making them more bold and modern.
With your purchases and orders you are supporting the survival of intricate work with the Hands.  Because we give the artisans a fair price, recognizing their expertise, you are providing an income to artisans in beautiful rural Thailand.

"The WHITE HMONG" master the art of embroidery...

We have created a range of accessories for the Home and for Women ware...