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In the Garden, we have laid the bamboo table with our four different designs of Table Mats, matching Coasters and plain indigo colour Napkins. Ginger the Cat purrs happily on the empty bamboo armchair

while we get breakfast ready: a good portion of Durian Fruit!

the fascinating Dragon Fruit Plant bears beautiful large flowers which give birth to green fruit; they turn a beautiful bright red when ripe and eatable.

This is the dessert we will offer our guests.

For lunch, lets spread our Indigo Batik Table Cloth under the Banana Tree, and have a picnic!

Will the 2 m long Table Cloth be big enough for our guests? Or should we spread out the 3 m long Table Cloth?

Lee questions Soi Boy the Cat… but he is just planning to gobble up the left over's of the picnic lunch…

The coffee table displays our three choices of Table Runners. After lunch you can relax in the bamboo armchair to read

"Songs of Memory" written and illustrated by Victoria Vorreiter: you will learn about the musical tradition of the Hmong Hill Tribe People, among other singing Mountaineers of East Asia "Golden Triangle".