on 2014-11-29 15:28:03


This is one of my favorite temples in the little town of Pua. This building is old and the restauration has been done with taste. The inside is simple with not too much glitter and often empty. I like to go there and meditate sometimes. I was not able to attend the ceremony of Buddhist Lent; at dusk worshippers walk around the stuppa with lit candles; I will do so next year…

"Phansa" in Thai is the three-months annual retreat observed by Theravada practitioners. Taking place during the wet season, it lasts for three lunar months, usually from July to October. Gautama Buddha orderd his disciples to observe a pre-existing practice whereby holy men avoided travel during the rainy season as they may unintentionally harm crops, insects or themselves outside of the monastry. So when the retreat ends, monks may hit the roads on a pilgrimage.

But this October, I did observe that dozens of ants were still floating in my electrical kettle, spider webs continued developing daily inside and outside, the mozzies were busy earlier (at 6 pm) as the days grow shorter …AND THE RIVER CRABS, (probably acting as the Beetles the month before (!), were leaving the fields and crossing the roads per dozens and dozens, getting squashed, all ready to flavour the "som tam" salad… Amazing activity of little creatures!

The 5 o'clock evening walk is often so magic with this amber light

accentuating the textures of the bright green rice, next to the rice already ripe and golden, next to the straw rice already reaped - drawing patterns at the foot of the beautiful blue mountains.

The round hay stacks are similar to ours in Europe aren't they? - during the days long gone of Van Gogh paintings!

In the workshop we have have started, Lee and I, to prepare the December exhibition "Art & Design" in Chiang Mai.

We are making a central decorative panel for the booth in applique work…

the orders of newly designed batik bags are still coming in; last touches to finalize the product...

While the cats watch and observe with a critical eye our activities, before going back to sleep - exhausted…

The month of October is still very "sticky" and quite unsufferable but it offers you so many days of RAINBOWS springing from the mountains where the air cooles down to rain

And the mesmerizing POST CARD SUNSETS soothe away the tiredness of the day; so many gifts and wonders.