on 2015-02-07 17:04:11

The 15th annual Nimmanhaemin Art and Design Promenade (NAP)

was held on December 5 – 10th, 2014 in Chiang Mai. Over 70 booths, food vendors, and live music created a vibrant event which was a perfect showcase for artisans from the four corners of Thailand.

Our Booth "The Butterfly People Gallery" was "solo" this year and we offered a new collection of Table Linen: 2 designs of table cloths batiked on a larger and finer cotton material of 150 cm wide and we cut lengths of 2m and 3m long - a size which is quite a challenge for hand dying

I had new hand made stamps for the new motives of the Table Cloths and these were repeated in the new batik and the new embroidered cushions.
All these new articles appealed to buyers which was very encouraging for our development work.

Our young trainee assistant Lee became the crowned Hmong Princess of the event: it was her very first experience and unfortunately, after the first day opening, I was admitted for 2 days at the hospital for pneumonia! Our artisan friends helped us through the crisis and rallied around Lee in the evenings - then supported us both when I came back to the booth all weak but a heart fortified by this true friendship. The last evening, my ex booth partners were gallant enough to help packing in boxes all articles going back to Nan by the Green Bus Services - and shelves and furnishing returned to their home in Chiang Mai the day after. We returned to Nan with the night bus and recovered after a whole week taking it easy…



I was delighted to be able to observe my friends as an Impressionist painter and snap shots of "Femmes a leur Toilette" from the child to her elder sisters to her Mother in charge... Intimate feline grace and sensuality with the innocence of youth.

Indiscrete glances through the window of the bedroom and you step into a calledoscope of dream moments of beauty:

Many impish and teasing pauses for portrait souvenirs of your family and friends; the photographer taking shots of another photographer in action…

Now we are ready to enter the festivity grounds : "nyob Zoo"(= Hello!) and "boy meets girl" - "widower looks for companion" - "girl meets boy" - "elderlies remember the past courting, while throwing the orange or the ball of wool"…

And the lovely friends, if together they are less shy, are unconcious of their ravishing beauty… which, surely, will frighten away those spotty and daft young men!!!??? 

The crowd watches and listens while I capture some incredible "kitsh" scenes…

and something of the sweetness of kids…

…Then I hear with emotion that melancolic high pitched voice rising in the air and suddenly I realize the connection with my Welsh family: of course, mountaineers from Wales or mountaineers from Northern Thailand must share a similar "soul" expressed through their voice, uncomparable musical instrument.