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A week before the opening of the festivities - this year on 24th to 30th September - the beetles are for sale in the market places and in the villages - 10.00 THB for one Rhinoceros Beetle (6 cm long). They remain on these sugar cane bits nibbeling along and waiting patiently for next move. I do not know how the "experts" distinguish the males from the females… so important for the coming event: it is the mating season!!!

Along the Market, highly decorated floats carry a Titan Beetle towards the Arena, accompanied by the celebrators dancing and marching in traditional costumes.



The Arena is situated in the local school at the back of the Fair which occupies the highway road along the police station. The booths sell the usual food, the usual industrial clothes and some too rare handicrafts lost in the usual chaos. Corners for children with inflated rubber play grounds and some merry-go-rounds… Singha and Chang Beers offering tables and chairs in front of the multi orchestras competing with deafening loud speakers up to midnight i.e. wax ear plugs every evening for a week as I live nearby, in a non sound proof old house!.

The Arena is bubbling with excitement and people and children concentrate with passion.

Children drawings competition

Showing off the champions, the bets are open!

Didactic corners for 7 to 77 years old students

Immortalized Beetles had their horns encased in
gold after winning specific "Olympics"…


This is where the Battle takes place between 2 Rhinoceros Beetles; the victorious one
will claim and obtain a female:
In the middle of the cigar shaped wooden piece (which swings around the central axe)
you will see two black holes: those are the windows of the dungeon where the
female(s) is/are trapped.

The owners of the Beetles are high perched for the competition or standing/sitting at ground level, surrounded by numerous supporters or other competitors waiting for their turn and others betting on their champions.




The men entice their beetle to combat by drumming a little "chopstick" on the wood.
It is part of the paraphernalia of the Beetle Man and is highly decorated with beads and ribbons…
Do they put "something" in the sugar cane food to excite them even more???